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Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office is one of the most used software worldwide. 

Course Overview
This course covers Basic to Advanced topics of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Internet and Emailing.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Text Basics Typing the text, Alignment of text Editing Text: Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Clear Find & Replace

  • Module 2: Text Formatting and saving file  New, Open, Close, Save, Save As  Formatting Text: Font Size, Font Style Font Color, Use the Bold, Italic, and Underline  Change the Text Case  Line spacing, Paragraph spacing  Shading text and paragraph  Working with Tabs and Indents

  • Module 3: Working with Objects  Shapes, Clipart and Picture, Word Art, Smart Art  Columns and Orderings - To Add Columns to a Document  Change the Order of Objects Page Number, Date & Time Inserting Text boxes  Inserting Word art  Inserting symbols Inserting Chart.

  • Module 4: Header & Footers Inserting custom Header and Footer Inserting objects in the header and footer  Add section break to a document

  • Module 5: Working with bullets and numbered lists  Multilevel numbering and Bulleting  Creating List  Customizing List style  Page bordering  Page background

  • Module 6: Tables  Working with Tables, Table Formatting  Table Styles  Alignment option  Merge and split option

  • Module 7: Styles and Content Using Build- in Styles, Modifying Styles Creating Styles, Creating a list style Table of contents and references Adding internal references  Adding a Footnote  Adding Endnote

  • Module 8: Merging Documents  Typing new address list Importing address list from Excel file  Write and insert field  Merging with outlook contact Preview Result  Merging to envelopes Merging to label  Setting rules for merges  Finish & Merge options

  • Module 9: Sharing and Maintaining Document Changing Word Options Changing the Proofing Tools Managing Templates estricting Document Access Using Protected View  Working with Templates  Managing Templates  Understanding building blocks

  • Module 10: Proofing the document Check Spelling As You Type. Mark Grammar Errors As You Type. Setting AutoCorrect Options

  • Module 11: Printing Page Setup, Setting margins,  Print Preview, Print.

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