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Course Contents

1. Basics of Computer
   Computer Organization
   Input and Output Devices
   System Software and Application Software
   Computer Language
    Compiler and Assembler
2. Operating System
   Elements of Windows XP
   Desktop Elements
   Locating Files and Folders
   Changing System Setting
   File Management in Windows
   Installation of Software and Hardware
3. Basics of Word Processing
   Starting Word Program
   Word Screen Layout
   Typing Screen Objects
   Managing Documents
   Protecting and Finding Documents
   Printing Documents
4. Formatting Documents
   Working with text
   Formatting Text
   Formatting Paragraphs
   Bulleted and Numbered Lists
   Copying and Moving Text
   Spelling and Grammar
   Page Formatting
   Creating Tables
5. Mail Merge
   Types of document in Mail merge
   Creating data Source
   Creating Mailing Labels
   Merging Data into Main Document
6. Basics of Spreadsheet
   Selecting, Adding and Renaming Worksheets
   Modifying a Worksheet
   Resizing Rows and Columns
   Workbook Protection
7. Formatting Worksheets
   Formatting Toolbar
   Formatting Cells
   Formatting Rows and Columns
   Protect and Unprotect Worksheets
8. Formulas, Functions and Charts
   Formulas and Functions
   Copying a Formula
   Types of Functions
   Types of Charts
   Auto Shapes and Smart art
9. Creating Presentation
   Creating Slides
   Slide Sorter View
   Moving Between Slides
10. Introduction to Internet
   Getting Connected to Internet
   Types of Internet Connections
   Internet Terminology
   Understanding Internet Address
   Web Browser and Internet Services

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