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June 2018 & 2019 Old Questions

1. Which one of the following supervised the starting of internet at the beginning?
a) W3C                               b) ISP                            c) URL                          

2. A URL is divided into how many parts?
a) One                                b) two                           c) three                        
d) four

3. Which one of the following is NOT the characteristic of internet?
a) Disorganized                b) Widely used            c) Dynamic               
d) Free of charge

4. Which one of the following generic term is used to describe a cline, server, or a network?
a) Networks                      
b) Nodes                      c) Server                     d) IP


5. E-mail (Electronic mail) was started in the year
a) 1990                               
b) 1970                         c) 1973                          d) 1979


6. Which one of the following in an e-mail message is the personal information which automatically  appears at the bottom of the outgoing message ?
a) Attachment                 b) Subject                   c) Signature                d) Date

7. Which one of the following is correct?

a) Internet is a computer-base worldwide information network
b) Www is a computer-based worldwide information network

c) Internet is a computer-based worldwide information network
d) None of the above

8. Change the standard code into a different code means
a) Phasing                        
b) Encryption             c) Decoding                d) Coding

9. E-mail address/addresses of secondary recipient(s) to whom copy needs to be send is;
a) Cc                                   b) to                             c) Bcc                           d) Sender

10. Which one of the following is responsible for addressing and sending of data from one computer to
a) Addressing                    b) IP                            
c) TCP                          d) ISP

11. Which one of the following syntax is used in specifying a uniform Resource Locator( URL)?
a)     b) http://html/vAvw

12. Which one of the following is a company that provides access to the internet?
a) ISP                                   b) HTTP                       c) WWW                       d) Google

13. The company which developed clients, servers and other web software is called

a) Microsoft corporation  b) CERN                      c) Netscape communications       d) MIT corporation

14. Using e-mail we can reply to a message sent by others. Our reply include the original message also
known as
a) Drafting                           b) Diddling                 c) Saved message                         
d) Quoting

15. To read incoming mail choose
a) Spam                               b) Draft                        c) Outbox                                       
d) Inbox

16. Browsers are sometime referred to as
a) Web clients                     b) User                         c) Server                                          d) Navigator

17. Point out which one of the following is not the nature of Poor Netiquette
a) Poor programmer and spelling errors           c) Harsh language
b) Junkmails                                                           
d) Spam mails

18. Communications that do not waste the user’s time are considered as
a) Time management        b) Reliable ISP           c) Good communication               
d) Good netiquette

19. IRC stands for
a) Information related crime                                c) Internet relay code

b) Internet relay chat                                             d) Information research centre

20. Full form of FTP is
a) File telnet protocol                                            c) Free transmission propagation

b) File transfer protocol                                        d) File theft prevention

21. Which one of the following is used for opening remote e-mail boxes?
a) SMTP                                 b) POP3                    c) ASCII                                             
d) IMAP-4

22. News group in internet also refers to?
a) Online                               b) Chat                     
c) Forum                                           d) Netiquette#

23. The first graphical interface software package released in the year 1993 was?
a) HotBot                              b) CERN                   
c) Mosaic                                           d) Google

24. The conventional rules for correct behavior on the internet is ?
a) Net-smart                       
  b) Netiquette           c)Etiquette                                        d) None of these

25. The full form of GUI is?
a) Graphic user internet                                      
c) Graphic user interface
b) Graphic unused interlace                                d) Graphic user information

26. Video conference is also known as
a) Live telecast                    b) Stream                  c) Whiteboard application              d) Chatting

27. Which one of the following is NOT included in the syntax of an email?
a) Character                       
b) Space                    c) Number                                         d) Full stop

28. Information in a book, magazine, newspaper etc is?
a) Linear                              b) Both (a)&(c)          c) Non-linear                                      d) None of these

29. Computer that holds the files for one or more websites is?
a) Server                            
  b) Excite                    c) Hyperlink                                        d) Internet

30. The fastest growing area of the internet is?
a) Internet                           b) Facebook              c) Online shopping                          
d) WWW

31. Network of networks is called?
a) Ethernet                          b) ARPANET               c) LAN                                                
d) Internet

32. Computer-based worldwide information network is?
a) Internet                           b) Worldwide computer          c) Social media                 d) Supercomputer

33. The internet started as a U.S government project in the year 1969 called?
a) LAN                                  b) ISP                         
c) ARPANET                                        d) VSNL

34. The most common transfer protocol used on the internet is?
a) Http                                  b) Www                     c) Url                                                   d) Email

35. The expending rate of the internet per month is?
a) 26%                                  b) 16%                        c) 33%                                               
d) 12%

36. Most of the internet services can be accessed through?
a) Social media                   b) Computer            
c) Web browser                                 d) Wifi

37. Remote login can be done using?
a) Command                      
b) Telnet                     c) Http                                                d) Lynx

38. If the search request fails in Yahoo, it is automatically routed to
a) Google                            
b) Yahoo itself           c) Alta Vista                                       d) HotBot

39. Father of the www is?
a) Bill Gates                        
b) Tim Berners-Lee   c) John William Wood                     d) Jack Dorsey

40. Which one of the following is a set of rules for exchanging information on the internet?
a) Modem                            b) Modulation            
c) Internet protocol                         d) Internet rules


41. Another name of the internet is

a) Information space                b) cyber space                  c) virtual space             d) data space


42. URL means

a) Address of the resource on the web              b) term use to get online programming

c) term use to describe website                          d) none of the above 


43. Bridge works in which layer of the OSI Reference model

a) Application Layer            b) Transport Layer               c) Network Layer             d) Data link Layer


44. What is a fire well in computer network ?

a) the physical boundary of the network               b) an operation system of the computer network

c) a system designed to prevent unauthorized access               d) a web browsing software


45. What do you mean by broadcasting in networking ?

a) addressing a packet to a particular machine          b) addressing a packet to some machines

c) addressing a packet to a particular machine          d) addressing to all except a particular


46. Which of the following can be also software

a) Router              b) Firewall                    c) Gateway                d) Modern


46.  Which transmission mode is use for data communication along telephone lines ?

a) Parallel           b) Serial                   c) Synchronous                   d) Asynchronous


47. Who invented the modern 

a) Wang laboratories ltd             b) AT & T information system, USA

c) Apple computer Inc                d) Digital Equipment corporation 


48. What is internet

a) A single network                                           b) a vast collection of different network

c) Interconnection of local area network      c) none of the mentioned

49. to joint the internet the computer has to be a connected to a

a) internet architecture board               b) internet society 

c) internet service provider                    c) none 

50. Which of the following is a valid website?

a)                                    b)

c)                                         d)


51. A code used to send message to someone is

a) Public                                                    b) Key

c) Private                                                  d) Data

52. Which of the following is a computer based worldwide information network

a) Internet                                               b) Web

c) Intranet                                               d) Ethernet

53. The full form of CGI is?

a) Common Group of information                     b) Common Gateway interface

c) Channel Group information                            d) Common Gateway information

54. Which of the following refers to hijacking?

a)Logic Bomb                                 b) Web Hijacking

c) Web Bombing                            d) Trojan Attack

55. URL Full form?

a) Uniform resource Locator                              b) Unit Resource link

c) Universal Research Locator                           d) Universal Resource Link

56. Which one of the following is used for opening remote e-mail boxes?

a) SMTP                                             b) POP3

c) ASCII                                              d) IMAP-4

57. The most common transfer protocol used on the internet is?

a) http                                               b) url

c) www                                              d) email

58. Connection to the backbond are made by

a) LAN                                              b) ISP

c) ARPANET                                     d) VSNL

59. A place on the internet where information about an organization is stored is?

a) Harddisk                                     b) Google Drive

c) Email                                            d) Website

60. Buying and selling items on the NET is called?

a) Commerce on the internet                     b) Online shopping

c) Internet Banking                                       d) E-Commerce

c) interconnection of local area network     


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