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Diploma Course Examination

Diploma in Computer Application Semester-1

Subject : Fundamentals of Computer (DCA-101)

Full Mark: 40                                                                                                                                                                                             Time:1 hr


Choose the correct answer:


For questions  1-5, refer to the given diagram below.


1. A light sensitive devices that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is

                a)Keyboard                                         b)Plotter

                c)Scanner                                            d)OMR

= Scanner

2. Which Protocol provide e-mail among different hosts?

               a)FTP                                                b)SMTP

               c)TELNET                                           d)SNMP


3. In ordering to tell Excel that we are entering formula in cell, we must begin with an operator such as

               a)@                                                 b)=

               c)$                                                   d)*

= =

4. GUI stands for

              a) Graph Use Interface                 b)Graphical Universal Interface

              c) Graphical User Interface         d)Graphical Unique Interface

= Graphical User Interface         

5. Any Data or Instruction entered into the memory of a Computer is considered as

              a) storage                                       b) Output

              c) Input                                           d) information


6. When the entire CPU is contained on a single chip, it is called

                a) Processor                                       b)Micro processor

                c) Mini processor                                             d) Super processor

= Microprocessor

7. Which of the processor is fastest?

                a) Single core-processor                b) Dual core-processor

                c) Hexa core-processor                  d) Quad core-processor

= Hexa core-processor


8. The register that holds the data temporarily is

                a) Accumulator register                 c) Instruction register

                b) Input/output register                d) Memory buffer register

= Memory buffer register

9. Which of the following is volatile and writable?

                a) EPROM                                            c) SRAM

                b) PROM                                              d) UVEPROM


10. In EPROM, ‘E’ stands for

                a) Electronic                                       c) Erasable

                b) Electric                                            d) Extra

= Erasable

11. Which is a sequential access device?

                a) Flash drive                                     c) CD-ROM

                b) Magnetic tape                              d) Floppy disk

= Magnetic tape

12. A memory card can be used in a

                a) Camera                                           c) Laptop

                b) Mobile phone                               d) All of the above

= All of the above    


13.  Which statement is not true?

                a) Floppy disks are not very popular now.

                b) Magnetic disks can have large storage capacity

                c) DVD has limited storage capacity.

                d) Cache memory has the slowest access time

= Cache memory has the slowest access time

14. UNIVAC stands for ?

                a) Universe Auto Computer                                         c) Universal Auto Computer

                b) Universal Automatic Computer                             d) Universal Automic Compiler

= Universal Automatic Computer

15. Which company does not produce computers?

                a) Dell                   b) Seagate                          c) Toshiba                            d) HP

= Seagate

16. When did the IT Act come into effect?

=              a) October 17 2001                          c) October 17 2000

                b) October 17 2002                          d) November 17 2000

= October 17 2000

17. Crime through internet includes

                a) Identify theft                                c) Internet fraud

                b) Credit card theft                          d) All of the above

= Identify theft

18. Which of the following is best suitable for the term ‘software piracy’?

                a) Counterfeiting of original products

                b) Illegal copying of genuine software

                c) Both of the above

                d) None of the above

= Both of the above

19. To be considered a cyber crime, what needs to be involved in the crime?

a) Computers                                     c)  Data

b) Network                                         d) Technology

= Computers     

20. Unbundling of hardware and software took place in which generation?

                a) 5th                      b) 4th                      c) 3rd                      d) 2nd

= 4TH

21. IBM stands for

                a) International Big Machine                       c) International Business Model

                b) International Business Machine            d) International Business Mode

= International Business Machine

22. Which statement is not correct with respect to machine language?

                a) Machine dependent                                   c) Error prone

                b) Easy to modify                                             d) Difficult to program

= Easy to modify

23. FORTRAN stands for

                a) Form Translation                                          c) Formula Translation

                b) Formula translator                                      d) Formula Translate

= Formula Translation

24. A language, which is used for internet application, is

                a) BASIC                               c) Java

                b) COBOL                             d) RPG

= Java


25. Which statement is true of flash drives?

                a) Popular                           c) Compatible

                b) Portable                         d) All of the above

= All of the above

26. Which is not a pointing device?

                a) Joy stick                           c) Keyboard

                b) Digitizer                           d) Light pen

= Keyboard

27. Which is a character input printer device?

                a) Laser printer                 c) Dot-matrix printer

                b) Inkjet printer                d) Drum printer

= Dot-matrix printer

28. Most popular form of hard copy is obtained from

                a) Monitor                           c) Plotter

                b) Printer                             d) Projector

= Printer

29. Which device is popularly used in shopping malls?

                a) Bar-code reader                                          c) Optical mark reader

                b) Magnetic ink character reader               d) Electronic card reader

= Bar-code reader

30. The operating system is a

                a) Database software                     c) System software

                b) Entertainment software          d) Spreadsheet software

= System software

31. Firmware is

                a) Software                                         c) Software and hardware

                b) Hardware                                       d) None of the above

= Software

32. Which type of software is most expensive?

                a) Open source software               c) Patented software

                b) Shareware                                     d) Freeware

= Patented software

33. Utility software are not used for

                a) Formatting hard disk                  c) Removing virus programs

                b) Backing up data                            d) All of the above

= Formatting hard disk 

34. Assembler converts assembly language to

                a) machine language program                     c) Low level program

                b) High level program                                     d) medium level program

= machine language program

35. When data is processed by a computer we get

                a) Output                                            c) Information

                b) Result                                              d) Signal

= Information

36. Integrated Circuits (lC) are related to which generation of computers?

                a) First generation                               b) Second generation                                                                        

                c) Third Generation                             d) Fourth Generation

= Third Generation

37. Which is not a characteristic of a computer?

                a) Error prone                                    c) Versatility

                b) Speed                                              d) Diligence

= Error prone    

38. PDA stands for

                a) Person Digit Assist                      c) Personal Digital Assistant

                b) Personal Digit Assistant            d) Person Digital Assistant

= Personal Digital Assistant

39. Which computer has expansion slots?

                a) Laptop computers                       c) Tablets PCs

                b) Smart phones                               d) Desktop computers

= Desktop computers

40. Workstations are normally used for

 a) Computer aided design            c) Scientific simulations

 b) Multimedia applications           d) All of the above

= Computer aided design


41. Which unit reads instruction and data from the outside world?

a) 8                      b) 2                    c) 5                 d) 9

= 8

42. Which unit is known as main memory?

a) 3                      b) 6                    c) 7                   d) 4

= 6

43. Arithmetic and logical operations are performed by

a) 3                      b) 9                     c) 5                  d) 7

= 5

44. This unit manages and coordinates the operations of all other components

a) 4                      b) 7                      c) 5                  d) 3

= 4

45. Which unit supplies information to the outside world?

a) 8                      b) 5                       c) 6                  d) 9

= 9

46.  Which unit represent Primary Storage Unit

a)                          b)2                       c)3                    d)6



47. Which Unit Represent CPU?

a) 1 and 6            b) 4 and 5         c) 6                    d) 1 and 6

= 6

48. Which unit Represent CPU

a)5                         b)6                       c)1                    d)6

= 6

49. The Blck arrow indicates flow of 

a) Instructions and data   b) control bus   c) electric supply    d) none of the above

=instructions and data

50. Which Unit in the diagram represent Storage Unit

a) 4 and 5            b) 1          c) 4 only         d) 2 only

= 1 

51. Unit 6 represent ?

a) ALU                    b) Storage Unit           c) Flow of Data                   d) CPU


 52. RAM stand for 

a)  Random Access Memory     b)Read only memory        c) Recursive online memory      e) Readable only memory

=  Random Access Memory

53.  During which generation of computer ULSI (ultra Large Scale Integration ) tecnology was use 

a) 1th Generation    b) 3th Generation       c) 2th Generation          d) 5th Generation         

= 5 Generation   

                                                                                                                                                                                    54. Which of the following  statement is true 

a) Computer can work only one single job at a time     b) Computer is a very fast device    c) Computer has very high IQ    d) Computer has feeling 

= Computer is a very fast device 

55. Who introduce store program concept in 1940 

a) John von Neumann      b) Blaise Pascal    c) Charles Babbages     d) Adam Turning 

= John von Neumann

56. A computer which is also known as  data processor converts data  into

a) Worksheet              b) Datasheet          c) Information      d) None of the above


57. The most commonly use in personal computer include  Monitor 

a) Configuration           b) Mouse                    c) Keyboard            d) All of the above 

= All of the above

58. Which of the following is system software

a) Microsoft                   b) Operation system           c) Antivirus Software              d) None of the above

= Operation system

59. A software is classified into system Software

a) Utility Software       b) Programming software       c) Application software          d) None of the above

= Application Software

60. Which of the following software is not among Application Software 

a) Word processing Software        b) Programming Language Translator Software       c) Personal Assistance  Software        d) Spreadsheet Software

= Programming language Translator Software

61. Copy Right grants exclusive rights to use the work such as

a)Copying                                             b)Modifying

c)Distributing                                       d)All of the above

= All of the above

62. Banks, Hospital and Railways usually used one type of the following Computer System 

a)Super Computer                             b)Mainframe Computer

c)PDA                                                      d)Tablet

=Mainframe Computer

63. A portable computer used by people who need comoputing resources whenever they 

go are known as

a)Tower PC                                           b)Personal Computer

c)Ipad                                                    d)Laptop


64. Full Form of BASIC is

a)Beginner's All-Purpose System Installation Code

b)Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Installation Coding

c)Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

d)None of the above

=Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

65. A firmware refers to sequence of instruction substituted for

a)Operating Firmware                       b)Hardware

c)Application Software                      d)None of the above


66. An ideal output device used by Architechure and engineer for Producing high precision output is known as

a)Plotter                                                  b) Digital Controller

c) MICR Reader                                     d)Joystick


67. Which of the following is not input device?

a)Printer                                                 b)Scanner

c)Mouse                                                 d)Keyboard


68. Full Form of FAT is

a)File Access Format                         b)File Attribute Technique

c)File Allocation Table                       d)File Attribute Table

=File Allocation Table

69. A Kilobyte (KB) equals

a)1024 Bytes                                          b)1000Bits

c)1000 Bytes                                          d)10MB

=1000 Bytes

70. The register which hold the current instruction under execution is

a)Instruction Register                        b)Accumulator Register

c)Program Counter Register           d)Memory Buffer Register

=Instruction Register


                                                   Diploma Course Examination June 2023

                                            Semester –I, Diploma in Computer Application

                                   SUBJECT: FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER (DCA-101)

Marks:40                                                                                                                     Time: 2 Hrs                                                                                                                                                    


  1. A computer converts data into

    a) Words               b) Data Block        c) Information            d) Electrical Wave


   2. Vacuum tubes was used in which generation of a computer

    a)1th Generation          b) 2nd Generation          c)3rd Generation          d)5th Generation

    3. A new switching device was invented at Bells Laboratory in 1947 which is known as

    a) Translator           b) Semiconductor       c) Mini Switch           d) None of the above

    4. A characteristic of a computer does not include

    a) Speed             b) No feeling           c) High IQ           d) Automatic

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