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MSCTE Old Questions & Answers
DCA - December 2018 & 2019

1. Utility Software package in windows 7 includes

a) Ms Word                                  b) Resolution

c) Notepad                                  d) Power Management

2. To free up space on a hard drive by removing temporary file we can do?

a) Disk Defragment                      b) Disk Cleanup

c) Format Local Disk                    d) Empty my Document

3. Calculator provided in windows can operate in two option namely?

a) Modern and Classic                  b) Standard and Arithmetic

c) Arithmetic and Logical             d) Standard and Scientific

4. A Notepad is useful for?

a) Editing Textual Data                 b) Playing

c) Editing Graphic                        d) Drawing

5. The full form of MS-DOS is?

a) Multi User Disk Operating System    

b) Multi System Disk Operating System

c) Microsoft Dual Operating System     

d) Microsoft Disk Operating System

6. The Full form of POST is?

a) Pre OS Timer                             b) Power on switch timer

d) Power On Self Test                    d) None of the above

7. When a computer is switch on a program automatically run and load the OS

    then the computer is ready to be used, this process is?

a) Scheduling                                b) Rebooting

c) Booting                                     d) Loading

8. DOS file system always begin with a directory called as?

a) Root                                          b) System Directory

c) Parent Directory                       d) None of these

9. A software program that control internal activities in a computer is called?

a) Start up program                      b) Application Program

c) Operating System                     d) None of the above

10. The function of OS includes?

a) Processor management           b) Scheduling

c) Memory Management             c) All of the above

11. OS which allows only user to work in a computer at a time is known as?

a) Single user OS                        b) Freewatre OS

c) Stand Alone OS                      d) None of these

12. Which of the following is multi user operating system?

a) Linux                                       b) Ms-DOS

c) Windows10                             d) Mac OS

13. Which of the following is the world largest selling OS for PC?

a) Mac OS                                  b) Microsoft Windows

c) Linux                                      d) Unix

14. What type of Operating System Support execution of more then one job

at a time?

a) Multi Thread OS                     b) Multi-Tasking OS

c) Multi User OS                         d) None of these

15. An Operating System is a software program which provide?

a) User Interface                        b) Ms Office Program

c) Memory for User                   d) None of these

16. Which of the following is not the function of Operating System?

a) Input/Output Management  b) Memory Management

c) File Management                  d) Voltage Management

17. Microsoft windows allowed user to run more than one program at a time, this is known as?

a) Multi Programming OS           b) User Management

c) Multi Tasking                          d) None of the above

18. The correct Microsoft windows version includes?

a) Windows 6                             b) Windows 7

c) Windows Wizard                    d) Windows Max

19.The full form of DMA is?

a) Direct memory access                 b) Dual memory access

c) Direct memory accumulator        d) Dual memory account

20. The full form of CPU is?

a) Central Processing Unit         b) Centre Processing Unit

c) Common Processing Unit      d) Computer Processing Unit

21. If we want to put our computer into lowe power state we use?

a) Stand by                                  b) Restart

c) Shut Off                                   d) Log Off

22. Which of the following is a part of start menu in windows 7?

a) Ms Paint                                  b) Search

c) Disk Manager                          d) None of these

23. If folder B is inside folder A, then folder B is?

a) Sub folder                                b) Mini Folder

c) Parent Folder                           d) Tree Folder

24. If the user is currently working on a local hard drive in DOS environment,

the screen will prompt?

a) C:/>                                          b) C:\>

c) C:>                                           d) C:</

25. The default software program provided by windows 7 to draw picture is?

a) Paint                                        b) Corel Draw

c) Photoshop                               d) Word Pad

26. A file name is divided into 

a) 2 parts                                      b) 3 parts 

c) 1 parts                                      c) 4 parts 

27. Screen saver is designed to protect 

a) Start menu setting control panel display   b) right click desktop sort

c) Accessories display setting                        c) Right click my computer properties 

28. Status bar is usually found at the 

a) Right side of windows                                 b) left side of  windows  

c) Top of windows                                           c) Bottom of windows 


29. To switch one running program to another; what shortcut key is employed 

a) Alt+Space bar                                              b) Alt+ Shift+S 

c) Alt+tab                                                         c) Shift+F4

30. To open my computer which one is use ?

a) Crlt+ O                                                          b) Crlt!+N

c) Windows Key+E                                            c) Shift+O   


31. The primary file name is given by the :

a) Computer operating system                         b) The application software

c) The user                                                         c) Administration 


32. What is the bar 2nd from top of the windows called 

a) Toolbar                                                          b) title bar

c) menu bar                                                       d) status bar 

33. What is the command to erase a file from a disk?                                          a) Erase                                                             b) Del

c) Delete                                                           c) Kill


 34. What are icons?

a) shortcuts                                                        b) texts

c) pictures                                                          d) small windows

35. To search a  file which command is use in MS DOS?

a) DIR/D                                                              b) DIR/A-D

c) DIR/A                                                              d) DIR/S

36.  Operating System is a

a) Application Program                                      b) Software System

c) Device used in CPU                                        d) None

37. What command is use to list directory in page wise?

a) DIR/W                                                              b) DIR/S

c) DIR/P                                                               d) DIR/O

38. lmage processor that comes with windows operating system is:

a) Paintshop pro                                                   b) MS Paint

c) Photoshop                                                        d) Corel Paint

39. A pre coded program to perform over all set of instruction is:

a) Operating System (OS)                                     b) Pagemaker

c) Photoshop                                                         d) Microprocessor

40. An illusion of extremely large main memory is called

a) Cache memory                                                   b) Virtual memory

c) RAM                                                                    d) ROM

41. The command RD or Rmdir:

a) Root Directory                                                    b)  Rename the Directory

c) Remove the directory                                         d) None

42. Pictorial Representation of an item/program is called:

a) Small Window                                                     b)  Shortcut

c) Text                                                                     d) Icon

43.  The full form of MS-DOS

a) Multiuser Disk Operating System                       b)  Multi System Disk Operating System                                                   c) Microsoft Dual Operating System                                                                    d) Microsoft Disk Operating System

44. Word Processor that comes with window Operating System is:

a) MS Paint                                                           b)  MS Word

c) Wordpad                                                          d) Photoshop

45. Process scheduling is performed by:

a) MS Office                                                         b)  MS DOS

c) Operating System                                            d) User

46. Example of Single Tasking OS is

a) Windows 31                                                    b)  Windows 32

c) Windows 95                                                    d) Dos

47.  MS windows is a

a) Multi Tasking                                                  b)  Single User

c) Single Tasking                                                d) Both A&C

48. Which menu display an application program menu in windows 7

a) Desktop menu                                                b) Control panel

c) All program                                                     c) File menu 


49. If we want to put our computer into low power state we use 

a) Stand By                                                           b) Restart

c) log off                                                               d) Shut off

50. Control panel in windows 7 include setting of 

a) Date & Time                                                      b) Password

c) Sound                                                                c) All of the above

51. Utility Software package in windows7 includes

a) MS WORDS                                                       b)Resolution

c) Notepad                                                            c) Power management

52. To free up space on a hard drive by removing temporary file we can do

a) Disk Defragment                                               b) Disk cleanup

c) Format local disk                                               c) Empty My document

53. Calculator provided in windows can operated in two option namely

a) Modern and classic                                            b) Standard and Arithmetic

b) arithmetic and logical                                        c) Standard and scientific       

54. A notepad is use full for

a) Editing textual data                                            b) Playing sound

c) Editing Graphic                                                   c) Drawing


55. The full form of POST is 

a) Pre OS Timer                                                      b) Power On Switch Timer

c) Power On self Test                                              c) None of the above

56. he most commonly used Operating system is 

a) Mac OS                                                                b) Linux

c) DOS                                                                     d) Microsoft Windows  


57. Function of Microsoft windows includes

a) Desktop Customization                                       b) Manage File

c) Start Application Program                                   c) All

58. Windows 3.0 was introduce in the year

a) 1945                                                                     b) 1983

c) 1990                                                                     d) 2000

59. The final version of the first Microsoft Windows was release in the year

a) 1945                                                                     b) 1985

c) 1955                                                                     c) 2000

60. To ensure user have the latest version of windows Microsoft introduce a feature called

a) Windows System Update                                     b) Software Package

c) Security Update                                                    c) None of the above

 61. A Computer Operating System provides

a)Download Speed                                                   b) Algorithm of RAM

c) User Interface                                                       d) Power Supply


62. After the Computer is Switch 'ON' the OS is loaded into Computer's 

a) Main Memory                                                       b) Hard Disk

c) secondary Memory                                              d) Power Supply


63. Which of the following is not the function of Operating System?

a) Processor Management                                       b) Scheduling 

c) Input/Output Management                                 d) Virus Removal

64. Operating System that support single user at a time is known as

a) One time User OS                                                b) Single Core OS

c) Single User OS                                                     d) None of the above

65. Operating System which can execute only a single task at a time is known as

a) Freeware OS                                                        b) Single

c) Linux OS                                                              d) None of the above

66. The most coommonly used Operating System is

a) Mac OS                                                                 b) Linux

c) DOS                                                                      d) Microsoft Windows

67. Function of Microsoft Windows includes
a) Desktop Customization                                           
b) Manage Files
c)Start Application Program                                         d) Microsoft Windows

68. Windows3.0 was introduced in the year
a) 1980           b) 1983           
c) 1990                d) 2000

69. The Final version of first Microsoft Windows was released in the year
a) 1945           
b) 1985            c) 1955                d) 2000

70. To ensure user have the latest version of windows Microsoft introducd a feature called

a) Windows System Update                                         b) Software Package
c) Security Window                                                       d) None of the above


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