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Diploma in Computer Application Semester-I

Subject: Desktop Publishing (106)

1. Index entry dialog box can be obtain from___

                a) Layout             b) Element          c) Type                 d) Utilities

2.____are similar to transparent sheets

                a) Layers              b) Pages               c) Text Wrap      d) Fonts

3. Frame option dialog box is in ______ menu

                a) Edit Menu      b) Element          c) Combine         d) Inset

4. PDF file are___

                a) Rewritable     b) Read and write format             c) Editable           d) Not Editable

5. _____ key is used to create a new paragraph in the cell

                a) Tab                    b) Home              c) Insert               d) Enter

6. The maximum number of page that we can insert in single publication is

                a) 666                    b) 888                    c) 777                    d) 999

7. The ____ command can be used to replace multiple occurrence of one word with another word

                a) Edit                   b) Change           c) Replacing        d) Typing

8. The style submenu and style palette are displayed in a____

                a) Document Page           b) Control palette            c) Cursor palette              d) Master page

9. In page Maker we can have____ column

                a) Double            b) Single               c) Triple                                d) Multiple

10. The font type like Normal, bold, italic, underline etc. are called

                a) Font Style       b) Control style       c) Type style      d) Changing style

11. Story editor is a ____ which let you speedily modify the text in your document

                a) Text processor             b) Word processor          c) Modification tools       d) Changing tools

12. O.L.E fully form is-

                a) Obtain line and Element                          c) Object Line and Element

                b) Object linking and Embedding             d) Object Linking Emerging

13. You can move and resize any object by dragging with the mouse or by

                a) Text palette  b) Control palette            c) Cursor palette              d) Changing palette

14. The close box is located at the _____ corners of the PageMaker window

                a) Right                b) Left                   c) Middle             d) Bottom

15. Ctrl+5 display the _____ of the page

                a) 100%                                b) 75%                  c) 50%                   d) 25%

16. The maximum stroke weight is

                a) 1000 points    b) 800 points      c) 900 points       d) 700 Points

17. Ctrl + spacebar is used to get

                a) Arrow tool     b) Crop tool        c) Text tool         d) Magnifying glass

18. PageMaker has a built-in text editor called-

                a) Story                b) Text Editor     c) Text                  d) Story editor

19. Wide orientation turn the page

                a) 90                   b) 30                    c) 45                     d) 120

20. We can insert the page by clicking

                a) Utilities            b) View                                c) Layout             d) Element

                                                                                      DECEMBER 2018

21. PDF files are___

                a) Rewritable                     b) Editable          c) Read and write format              d) Not editable

22. Distiller is a program that comes with___

                a) Pressing Ctrl + enter  b) MS Word        c) Pressing Insert             d) Page maker

23. The shortcut to shrinks the page to a postage-stamp size, and show the entire width of the paste board is

                a) Ctrl +                b) Shift + Ctrl + 0               c) Ctrl -                                 d) Shift + Ctrl + S

24.____are non printing lines which help you in placing the object on your publication page

                a) Double page         b) Rules guide                    c) Ctrl + P             d) None of the above

25. Fonts, size, position etc. Were included in

                a) Character specification           b) Single page setting     c) Triple adjustment       d) Multi column format

26. Oval tool creates oval and _____ frames for text or Image

                a) Oval                 b) Square            c) Circular            d) Rectangle

27. _____ is a the space between two lines of type

                a) Leading          b) Forwarding    c) Lagging            d) Space bar

28. Subscript character_____ the base line

                a) Raise above   b) Together with              c) Inline with      d) Drop below

29. Shift + Ctrl + S is same as

                a) Save                 b) Save As                           c) Show                                d) Show As

30. _____ provides a blank typing area, like a white sheet of paper, to type on.

                a) Text processor             b) Modification tools      c) Story editor   d) Changing tools

31. Editing style is done in exactly the same as___

                a) Printing style                 b) Creating style               c) Importing style             d) Typing style

32. While drawing polygon a value 0% represents

                a) No star            b) Bright star      c) Custom stroke              d) Rounded corner

32. While drawing polygon a value 0% represents

                a) No star            b) Bright star      c) Custom stroke              d) Rounded corner

33. In a long document feature the chapters are usually numbered with___

                a) Romans numerals      b) Indian numerals          c) Arabic numerals           d) English numerals

34. The full form of TOC is

                a) Table of content         b) To Control                      c) Time of occurrence    d) Title line of chapters

35. PageMaker consider a block of text as an____

                a) String of words            b) Object             c) Word group   d) Group of

36. The full form of TIF format is

                a) Timeline of image file                                b) Table image file           c) Tagged-image file      d) None of the above

37. When a frame is attach to the text or text is attach to the frame they are still__ object

                a) Separate        b) Group              c) Combine         d) One

38. ____ trims away a portion of the graphic, rather than reducing the size of the graphic

                a) Sizing                b) Cropping        c) Zooming          d) Aligning

39. Frame option dialog box is in

                a) Edit Menu      b) Layout menu                c) ___menu       d) Element Type Menu

40. _____ is combining several object as one object

a) Exporting        b) Grouping       c) Importing       d) None of the above

41. The bar usually at the bottom of the desktop is called 

a) Windows bar                  b)Taskbar                      c) Menu bar              d) none of the above

42. The shortcut use in MS words to copy selected text is 

a) Control + V                b) Control + X                 c) Control + C                d) none of the above

43. The default file extentation for pagemaker 7.0 files is 

a) .PMD                      b) .DOC               c) .TXT               d) none of the above

44. The shortcut key to save a Pagemaker 7.0 files 

a) Ctrl + N                  b) Ctrl + X                    c) Ctrl + V             d) none of the above 

45. In pagemaker tools is in __________ menu 

a) windows                 b) Edit                c) View           d) none of the above

46. In pagemaker stroke option is_____________ menu

a) Tyoe               b)File                     c) Element                d) Complementary

47. Red ,yellow and blue are what type of color 

a) Primary             b) Secondary                 c) Tertiary                     d) complementary 

48. What is desktop Publishing

a) An application software like pageMaker                  b) The use of audio editing equipment 

c) The use of a computer system and graphic software              d) A software that allows you to layout document 

49. Raster image is also known as 

a) bitmap image                     b) vector image                        c) clip art image                d) multimedia image

50. A special effect in which one image seems to melt into another is referred to as 

a) drifting             b) flashing                 c) morphing                   d) polling 

51. Pagemaker  uses two kind of extensions,

a) .Pm65                    b) .M65                     c) .P65               d) all of the bove   


52. Which option is used to compress text horizontal by some percentage of the current size 

a) Spacing                 b) Scale                          c) Kerning                          d) Subscripting     

53. When line of text are straight on the left and right margin, such as most newspaper columns, the text is:

a) fully justified                b) center justified                   c) aligned                       d) Whole justified 

54. The image quality of a printer is measure in what units 

a) DPI                  b) PPI                     c) LPI                           d) CCD

55. The pagemaker window is the working space for creating and producing 

a) Element                 b) Page                         c) Document                          d) Note

56. The___________ bar is located below the title bar and contain the pull down menu

a) Menu                           b) Title                  c) Close box                       d) Restore box

57. Short cut key for display of half size view of the page was

a) Ctrl + 7                   b) Ctrl + 5                    c) Ctrl + 6                  d) Ctrl + 4 

58. Use the _________ to select any kind of the object on the page 

a) Rotating Tool                             b) Box tool                   c) Pointer tool                    d) Hand tool 

59. Short cut key for display of ruler in the document is ? 

a) Ctrl + R              b) Alt + Ctrl + R               c) Ctrl + Alt + R                    d) Alt + R 

60. Use the ____________ to select  any kind of the object on the page 

a) Rotating  tools         b) Box tool                    c) Pointer tool                 d) Hand tool

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